• Ann Troyanskaya
  • Ann Troyanskaya
  • Ann Troyanskaya
  • Ann Troyanskaya
  • Ann Troynskaya
  • Ann Troynskaya
  • Ann Troynskaya
  • Russian actress and top model
  • Russian actress and top model
  • Russian actress and top model

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.  .  .I am happiest girl in the world when I am in front of the camera.
I love to make position for future stylish photos and I also love to create different images and to look different in the photos.
I would like to reach the large professionalism; therefore I am going to acting and dancing classes now.
My dream - to have a creative role in art film, in which I could work and analyze above a image of the given actor I think, that I shall be the creative, charming actress and the people really will enjoy my roles.

Anna Troianskaia


Anna Troyanskaya - russian actress, movie director, producer

Location: Moscow, Russia

Height 175 cm (5 feet 9 inches)

Weight: 56kg(123 pounds)

Hair Color: Blonde

Hair Length: Long

Hair Type: A little Curly

Eye Color: Blue/Gray

Shoe Size: 37 (eur) 7.5 (us)

Dress Size: 38 (eur) 8 (us)

Bust – 86 cm, (33 3/4 inches)

Waist – 60 cm (23 2/4 inches)

Hips – 91 cm (35 3/4 inches)

Body Type: Slim with some muscles

Spoken Languages: Russian/English/French

Interested working in:

Modelling: Glamour, Cosmetic, Fitness,Fashion, Runway, Sport, Casual, Swim wear, Print,Spokes model, Convention, Acting, Portrait, Video/Film, Catalog, and Commercial.

Creative acting: Part in arthouse independed movie,  series, Advertising, TV program.

Training and Education:

  • School of model (President- Rumodels model Agency)
  • School of television “Ostankino” for Television and radio-presenter
  • Graduated from Moscow State Social University with a degree in law
  • School of dramatic art (Anatoly Vasilev)
  • Institute of musical plasticity and drama. Actor's aculty (HOST-GITIS)
  • Participant to an International seminar on Michael Chekhov's devoted method
  • Master classes for photographers (A.Nikishin)
  • Courses of movie director and of script writer (A.N.Mitta)
  • Actors’ master classes in Los Angeles (Bernard Hiller)
  • New York Film Academy, acting
  • Lee Strasberg theatre and film institute, acting


Work experience:


as actress:

  • 2000 “Amalgamator” of Alexander Shein. Role of a model
  • 2001 "Brigade" a Russian television series. Small role in several episodes.
  • 2002 “A protection line” a Russian television series of 12 episodes with a supporting role
  • 2002 «The big cinema» a telecast on MTV. Role of a model
  • 2003 “Lawyer” a Russian television series. Supporting role
  • 2006 “Happy together” a Russian television series. Katia’s role
  • 2006 “Trap” of V.Krasnopolsky. Role of Olesya.
  • 2007 “Ermolov” of V.Krasnapolsky. Role of a train operator.
  • 2008 “Wood grouses” of G.Kireeva. Role of Bell.
  • 2008 “Detectives” of I.Goloyanov. Role of Olga.
  • 2009 “Volf Messing” of V.Uskov and V.Krasnapolsky. Role of Nina.
  • 2010 “Smoking cigarette not finished” of O. Makurin. Main role.
  • 2010 “Horror and fear”, short film as main actress and movie director
  • 2010 “Fear and trembling”, short film as main actress and movie director
  • 2011 “Katia’s love” of Evgeny Razumovsky. Main role.
  • 2011 "Girl without head", main role, director Al. Gautberg
  • 2011 “Another’s harm”. Movie director and actress of main role
  • 2011 "Great shark hunt",role journalist, director V.Herbert
  • 2011 "Kikimora, laughing dummy", main role, director Al. Gautberg
  • 2011 "Pancakes" main role, director R.Chemonin
  • 2011 "Basement", a ghost, director Yasmine Amira, NYFA
  • 2011 "Arriving", main role, Mao Alanis
  • 2011 "Click-click", fatal girl, Roman Fournier, NYFA
  • 2011 "Opps, i am pregnant!" main role, R.Gnapi
  • 2011 "The dinner", role Thierry, director L. Cooper, NYFA
  • 2011 "Happy birthday!", role gift,  director An.Kochkin, UCLA
  • 2011 "Equality",  deliver girl, director С.Ardila, NYFA
  • 2011 "Desire",role Gipsy, director A. Carmelo, роль Gipsy
  • 2011 "My left hand man", role Jane, director Antonia Bogdanovich
  • 2011 "Honor", main role, director C. Hill
  • 2012 "Sledaki", series, role Sheblykina
  • 2012 "Show girls", series, role Oksana
  • 2012 "Illusion", role Maria, independed, dir. Al.Podolsky

as director:

  • 2010 Horror and fear (short fiction)
  • 2011 Fear and tremble (short fiction)
  • 2012 Circle drums in the back yard (short fiction)
  • 2012 Give his back to me (short fiction)
  • 2013 Another's evil (fiction full)


as producer:

  • 2011 "Fear and tremble"
  • 2012 "Debut"
  • 2012 "Kathy's love"
  • 2013 "Another's evil"



    • 2007 "Salome" (Salome), tragedy by Oscar Wilde.
    • 2008 “The Lady with a dog” (Anna), story by Anton Tchekov
    • 2009 “Ce cochon de Morin” (Hennriette), novel by Guy de Maupassant, dir. Al.Warshavskaya
    • 2009 " My dears" (Larisa), play by Smirnov, dir. Al.Warshavskaya
    • 2011 "Clean monday" (Maria), play by novell Ivan Bunin, dir.Anatoly Gukov
    • 2012 "Сarriers" (Lusya), play by A.Gristenko, dir. Ajdar Ulduz


    • "Sladko", Supporting, Russia
    • "Podium",Model, Russia


    • «The big cinema» , lead, TVshow, MTV(Russia)
    • "Teach me,how to live", lead, TV centre (Russia)
    • "Decide for me",  lead,Talk show, 3chanel (Russia)
    • "Fashion conclusion", lead, TV show,1 chanel (Russia)



    • 2010 — Medal of Anton Chekhov for a creativity and experimental (Russia)
    • 2011 — «Award of Merit» BEST SHORT COMPETITION for the short film «Fear and tremble» (USA)
    • 2011 — «Award of Merit» ACCOLADE COMPETITION for film direction «Fear and tremble» (USA)
    • 2012 — Medal of the Government of Moscow «For valorous work» (Russia)



      Languages: FLUENT - russian, DIALECTS - english, french

      Dance: Jazz, freestyle,latino                    Vocal range: Alto

      General sports: snow ski, tennis, swimming, horse back riding

      Driving skills: stick shift. Russian drivers license